Thinking about hiring a Head of Marketing or CMO? There may be a better place to start.

It seems every company is competing for marketing talent—just take a look at the open jobs on LinkedIn.

• During the past 30 days, there were 57,462 U.S. job vacancies for ‘Marketing Director’ posted on LinedIn. 15,255 are remote positions.
• During the same 30 days, 12,005 companies posted job vacancies for a Chief Marketing Officer (CMO).
• Salaries and comp packages are also up. CMO job postings are listing salaries in the region of $250,000 - $275,000/yr plus.

According to recent 2022 research:

• While 7% of companies were able to hire in a little over a month
 31% said it took them just under 3 months to find their ideal candidate
• It took 35% of companies 3 to 6 months to fill their 'senior marketing' vacancy
• 27% of companies said they searched and interviewed candidates for 6 months or more! 

When companies post a vacancy, it's often in response to a sudden internal departure or market events. This typically means the need is immediate. While hiring is the established approach—clearly, it isn't going to be easy, or quick. 

We've seen the outcome first-hand. When there's an absence of marketing leadership, marketing activity is often put on pause and frequently cancelled—with corresponding results. Clearly, there is a cost to inactivity.

If you're facing this challenge we can help.
(And we can help you starting today)

A Fractional CMO can help your company keep your marketing activity moving and pipeline growing—while helping you avoid the lost time and distractions of the search and recruiting process.

The good news is; you can leverage our extensive experience across multiple brandsindustries, and even countries, to accelerate your wins and reduce wasted spend. 

The outcome of all this? Your market share and revenue grow and the value of your brand and company increases.  

Before going any further, ask yourself; At this point in your business, would a Fractional CMO be a good fit? 

I really enjoy working with you.  
You’re smart, fast, detailed oriented and are a great addition to the team.

Can’t ask for more than that!

Director, B2B Services

"With his strategic thinking, and broad vision, I would highly recommend Paul for any company looking for [marketing] that drives ROI and Sales."

COO, Consumer Insurance & Warranty

"One of the strongest partners I have worked with in the area of Direct Marketing/CRM, and Demand Generation. Paul always brings new, strong thinking to our marketing, while building our brand."

Founder & CEO, Consulting

"A valued partner that measures success based on client success—that's not something you often come across these days!"

SVP, Education Sector Software

"We had a meeting with NBC/Universal this morning, and they actually raved about our materials. I was told their quote was: ‘If you put this much time and effort into your marketing materials, we can only imagine what you’ll do with the MicroStrategy work .”

All I can say is, “WOW!”
"Thanks so much for all your time, effort and attention to our marketing this past year. I feel like the investment is already paying dividends."

President, BI Mobile Apps

We love how the rebranding and launch campaign came together. Thank you very, very much! You guys are great!"

Manager, Medical Device Company

"I just want to say thank you for the outstanding job you've done. One of our VP’s in EMEA even went as far as to say he was envious of the work. Please pass on my gratitude to the rest of your team—I'm looking forward to continuing our work together."

Global Communications Manager, 
Enterprise Software

"You brought a unified approach to our company's efforts and a clear working communication strategy for both internal and external parties—across all business units.
Solid work!”

CEO, Logistics & Warehousing

How can we help you?

Every company is different. Your industry, product and marketplace, your current staff and resources, goals and objectives, even your budget—these are all unique to you. 

To accommodate your needs, consider the 2 plan options below, or we can work with you to customize a plan that meets your company's needs. 


Ideal for startups and organizations with limited resources that need occasional strategic marketing guidance.

20 hours per month


Strategic consulting for those who want a more integrated approach to their marketing initiatives across all marketing channels.

40 hours per month


Comprehensive marketing advice and oversight designed to support your long-term business goals and objectives.

Tailored to your needs

All plans require a minimum three-month engagement.   Discounts apply to engagements of six months or longer.
*Marketing Strategy and Consulting Advice only. There is NO requirement to use our agency for agency services including research, creative development, or the execution of marketing deliverables.

A good place to start.

There are many different marketing tactics and approaches a brand can take. Choosing the most effective approach depends on what your goals and objectives are and that’s where we start.

With a clear understanding of your marketplace and how your company operates, we'll review your marketing strategy and build out a plan—with the tactics and marketing channels that best support your business and get you to your goals. And if you choose, we'll execute it, seamlessly and drama free.

Complete this short form and let's explore how we can help you.  

Marketing needs to work with your current process to be effective.

Marketing proposals and go-to-market recommendations that deliver results, take into account where you’re coming from—the resources, capabilities, and infrastructure you already have in place today. That’s why after you submit the form, we'll ask you to complete a Client Discovery Questionnaire.

Your answers will serve as a launching pad for our discussion. It's okay if you can't answer all of the questions—what you can answer will help us help you.

We want to help you grow your business. Now’s the time to get your marketing moving and your company reaching its goals.

The team at indigoOne,